At any given moment, there are thousands of people who are in need. We are a Phoenix-based teen-led nonprofit initiative, and we strive to love and care for others! We hope to create a unified effort to support our communities while adhering to social distancing guidelines during COVID-19.



Whether making masks for protection, writing thank you cards to encourage health workers, or donating materials to the project, every little bit helps. Our current focus in this project is to show gratitude to our health workers for putting themselves at risk to treat patients by sending them uplifting thank you cards, posters, masks, and other materials they might need. We also have a book sale fundraiser to help cover the costs of the project, so check out our book sales page for more info!

Although we are a Christian-founded organization, we do not expect volunteers to have any religious affiliation and we accept and appreciate any help we receive. We only ask for the dedication of time and effort towards serving others and a respectful and considerate attitude towards other volunteers, organizers, and people in need. We hope to take the blessings of resources in our lives and multiply them into blessings for those around us while improving ourselves in the process. We encourage everyone to connect with us on Instagram and Facebook (links below), and feel free to explore our website if you would like to help out! Thank you and God bless!



Hey there! I’m Amanda and I go to Hamilton High School. If you know me, you know that I am forever in search of new music to discover, books to read, conversations to have and places to visit. My favorite jolly ranchers are the watermelon ones (of course) and my least favorite ones are grape (again, of course).


Hey ya’ll! I’m Lilli! I’m a senior at a small, private, Christian High School. I enjoy playing sports and being active. I’m basic and play violin, screeching louder than my pet birds. Lately I’ve been a fatty, digging ice cream sandwiches during this hot summer in quarantine. Although it looks like I’ve got plenty of vitamin C in this photo, truth be told I’m vitamin D deficient so I aspire to get a tan on this summer my dudes! 😉 Cheerio! 🙂


Hi, I’m Abbie! I’m a rising senior at Hamilton High School, and I love trying new things. My favorite activities to do in my free time include making music, bullet journaling, hiking in beautiful places, and reading about weird medical issues. Currently while in self-quarantine I’ve gotten a lot more time to exercise, and I’m trying to learn yoga poses to no avail. (We’re getting there)


Hi, I’m Joshua! I am a rising senior at Chandler Preparatory Academy. I love to play music, namely percussion, singing, guitar, and piano! I also play basketball and run short distance and jump in Track and Field. While at home, I spend time reading, playing with my dog and have lots of quality time with my family. I really love eating noodles and avocados, and the texture of eggs and Jello is really nice.


Hey! I’m Joseph and I am a senior at Hamilton High school. If I’m not catching up on sleep, I love to read, travel, and compete in chess tournaments. As a native of Tucson, I enjoy following Arizona sports whenever I have the time. I’m also an avid foodie and like to try cuisines of all sorts. From munching on sea urchin sushi to cow tongue tacos, I guess I could say that I’m not a very picky eater.


Hi! I'm Edward, a rising homeschooled senior. I like playing the acoustic and electric, and making music. I also enjoy swimming competitively, painting, and coding. I spend my time reading science fiction books and eating lasagna.


Hi! I’m Ika, and I’m a rising senior at Hamilton High School. As a foodie, I’m always open to trying new cuisines, but peach ice cream and sweet potato fries will always hold a special place in my heart. In my free time, I love to bake, swim, play Overcooked with my sister, and watch La Casa de Papel. I also have a chubby guinea pig named Peanut who loves to eat carrots.